Monday, June 8, 2015

I have created a presentation like I have said I will do in my previous blog. And I have put together some information about a few languages. Here is a link to that presentation. Enjoy

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Passion Project Update #3

     The biggest task that I have to accomplish before June 10th is finishing the actual project and finding out a proper way of presenting it to my class. Like I said before I should create a visual presentation for the class. Something on the lines of a cardboard cut out that lists all of the information that I have learned so far about the Languages of the World. This could help everyone better understand where I am coming from and the point that I am trying to get across.

     The most interesting knowledge that I now have is that there are a lot more languages then I even thought of. For example I bet you have not heard of the 
Chamicuro (mostly spoken in Peru)
Dumi (spoken by 8 people in 2007)
Ongota (only 6 people speak this language)
Liki (5 people speak this)
Taushiro ("To say a number above 10 you'd say "ashintu" and point to a toe on your foot." Just ONE person speaks Taurshiro)
These languages showed me that there are more languages then I even imagined possible.
"Top 10 Rarest Languages Still Spoken in the World -" N.p., 08 Apr. 2009. Web. 21 May 2015.
     Doing this passion project has opened my eyes and has shown me that this world has so many different languages, believes, and even daily work. I hope you have enjoyed project I will soon create a presentation. I will also post a link to the presentation on this blog.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Many Languages of the World

     There are all kinds of languages of the world, most of us may have only know one language. It is healthy and eye-opening to see all of the different languages of this huge world. there are lots of languages that you can hear in America. America is a free Country that many people come to. They can bring all kinds of different languages to America and it will spread across the country. 
How many languages are there in this World?
     I choice this topic because I feel that people today are more excluded from the different parts of the world. They are more ignorant of whats going on around them. So i figured that this project would be a refresher and that i might open the eyes of others to the other parts of the world. For example a few languages would be, Arabic, Orominga, Portuguese, and Scandinavian. All of these languages have a background to them.
Where are they now?   
  The Arabic language is now being taught to students in schools such as Portland's Deering High School.
How were they were created?
     All of these languages started somewhere and throughout time it has spread all throughout the world. The Arabic language is close to the Hebrew and Phoenician (speaking wise) this language. it is also the last surviving language of Ancient North Arabian dialect group.